How much will it cost?

See our Pricing page for details. Note that for one account, its completely free and can be set upon your website in minutes. Give it a go.

Can I install it myself?

Absolutely. We have designed the widget so that you can install it on your site in three easy steps. Click here to get started.

Do I have to create an account for each helpdesk staff member on my team?

Yes, you will need to create an account for each helpdesk staff member on the team (or mail us and we will do it for you). This way you will be able to get the stats on each member of the team.


Can you list the main product functionality for me?

The Multispeak product has some seriously cool functionality. Once installed on your website, it can do the following:


Can I do live chat, audio and video all from the same widget?

Yes, the Multispeak widget is designed to make it possible to have live chat, audio, video all from the same widget.

Do the audio or video calls cost? What if I am “roaming”?

Both audio and video calls are made over the internet so they are free (as long as your internet/ data plan covers it). No additional cost is incurred by you or your customer. For example, if you are connected via wifi, then you incur no additional costs when making calls. This applies to whether you are “roaming” or not.

I don’t want video calls from my customers. What do I do?

By default video calls are not enabled. Video calls have to be enabled by the Helpesk staff member when on a chat or audio call. So, if your helpdesk staff is having a chat with the customer and there is a need to make the call more engaging, then your helpdesk staff can enable the video option on the widget by typing in #video into their chat window.


I am a helpdesk staff member. How do I enable a video call?

While on a chat, or an audio call, type in #video into the chat area and press enter. The customer will not see this command but will get an status message saying that the video button was enabled and the video call button has now changed from grey to green. If the customer now presses this button, a request for a video call will be made to you. Note that the customer cannot enable video calls without your approval.

I am a helpdesk staff member, I want to see my previous chats?

Your previous chats are available through the Control Centre. If you are a Super User, then you will find all previous chats (and audio and video call details) under the "Logs" tab.

I am a helpdesk staff member, I want to change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on the "Settings" tab.


Does every helpdesk Staff member have access to the Control Panel?

No, the Control Panel is only accessible to the Super User. The Super User is generally a person managing a helpdesk staff team.

I want to customise the widget, where do I go?

You need to be Super User to change the look-and-feel or the logo. If you are a Super User, log into the Control Centre (https://multispeak.io/admin/), under "Settings" you should find various options to customise your widget.


What analytics are available?

Each helpdesk staff member's average user rating, average response time and chat transcripts are available. In addition, the total number of chats, audio and video calls are broken down over various time periods are also available for review and analysis. We are currently developing real-time analytics capabilities that will look to highlight the topics under discussion at any given time and predict future topics of interest to customers in looking for help and advice.


Does the widget work on any PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones?

The widget will work on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone that runs Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Note that these browsers dominate the market.

Do chat, audio and video calls work on any browser?

Chat, audio and video calls currently work on Chrome, Firefox or Opera. (This functionality is not currently available on IE and Safari browsers)

As a helpdesk Staff, can I answer chats, audio and video call from tablets and smartphones?

The helpdesk interface has been designed for PCs and laptops and so these are the best devices for answering calls. Currently, we haven't optimised the helpdesk interface for mobile devices.


Which Content Management Systems (CMS) are supported by Multispeak?

Multispeak’s javascript code can be inserted in the header, footer or body content of any CMS System. Note the following:

Specific instructions for including the Multispeak widget can be found here: DRUPAL,WORDPRESS,JOOMLA.

How can I setup the Multispeak widget on Drupal 7?

How can I setup the Multispeak widget on Wordpress 4.2?

Follow the instructions on the Wordpress Plugin Directory to install Multispeak.

Alternatively, follow the instructions below:

How can I setup the Multispeak widget on Joomla 3.4?